Random Acts of Fitness


Pride seems to be confused sometimes with arrogance, but in my experience, they’re wildly different. For me, pride is what keeps you moving forward.  So, what does pride mean to me?It’s holding yourself to the highest standard, no matter what other people... read more

But I’m In Plateau!

Sometimes, maybe many times, you end up at a point in your weight loss (or other physical progress) where you can’t seem to move past it.  You’re not at your goal, but you seem to be stuck. What now? As my trainer says, your body works to reach... read more

Even On Your Worst Days

When you’re feeling good, motivated, or happy it’s easy.  It’s really easy to have the energy and desire to get that workout in, to prep your meals, to jump in with both feet. But what about those days? Life, stress, depression, anger, anxiety,... read more

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

This one is a little different.  I am a tech-head by nature and profession, and in the realm of fitness that means apps and my new toy – the Fitbit.   The beauty of technology now – smartphones, mobile apps, wearable trackers and wireless everything... read more

Decision Tree

Every day you face a lot of little decisions.  Some of them are so quick you don’t realize you’re thinking at all, others weigh on you and hold you up.  When it comes to weight loss, it’s no different.  We all “know” the right decisions,... read more

Leading the Way

I don’t know if it’s just a trend on my little social media feed or if it’s a larger issue, but there seems to be a lot of anti-hater commentary.  It starts with calling someone a hater, even if they just don’t share your enthusiasm.... read more