Random Acts of Fitness

Whip something up!

What is convenient, really?  Cooking supposedly is not on that list.  Neither is grocery shopping.  But part of what keeps it from being convenient is education and access.  you have to go to the store to get the food you’re going to cook.  You have to know HOW... read more

Benefits of Bodyweight

I am a fan of bodyweight exercises – exercises that consist of using your own body as resistance.  Pushups, squats, pullups… the old favorites (and some crazy challenging ones that are my goal – let’s just add “more than one pullup”... read more

I Aim To Misbehave

During my last few posts, I talked about building healthy habits, creating a lifestyle change that fits your needs, etc.  But that doesn’t really sound like fun, right?  Well, in my opinion, if you don’t enjoy what you’re trying to do, you’re... read more

But it’s complicated…

There are a few forces at work challenging us when we’re trying to change our lives, whether it’s building a healthy lifestyle, starting a new career, or anything else that will ultimately make our lives better. Scheduling – now we have to somehow... read more

Die-hard Habits

I am a creature of habit.  Autopilot is my favorite speed, which has actually helped me to keep my weight off for the past 5 years.  My habits became so ingrained, even the people I interact with often are so used to them that they end up autopiloting on me.  Wait,... read more

Find Your Strength

“I can’t do that!” “Well it’s EASY for him!” You spend enough time around a gym, you end up hearing pretty much every reason that someone can’t or won’t try an exercise, or isn’t losing weight, or whatever goal is... read more

Explore New Territory

One thing I’ve learned about trying to lose or maintain my weight – you have to keep things fresh.  Whether it’s changing up your workouts or trying a new recipe (or learning how to cook!), updating your healthy lifestyle keeps you committed, and... read more

Wait, proper form really matters?

When people tell you that proper form during weight lifting (or any exercise) is important, believe it.  I didn’t really appreciate how important proper form in my dead lifts was until my back started complaining about my lifetime of poor posture. Proper form... read more