Even On Your Worst Days

Posted By Xin-min Lai on Jun 2, 2016 in mental game

When you’re feeling good, motivated, or happy it’s easy.  It’s really easy to have the energy and desire to get that workout in, to prep your meals, to jump in with both feet.

But what about those days?

Life, stress, depression, anger, anxiety, burnout, even boredom… it all can push your goals and grand plans farther away from get it done and closer to when I can get to it.  And yes, we all have people who care about us telling us maybe we need a day off, maybe we need to relax, take a break, it’s ok.

But is that always the answer?  What about changing our mood and outlook by using our goals, instead of just following our goals when we’re in the mood?  Make the positivity happen, instead of just waiting until you’re positive to make things happen.

So, I don’t just ask this as a what-if question.  I’ve flipped the script on my own mood in work and in my fitness goals, so I know it can be done (even if I don’t always do it).  And… I’m about to share my little secret.

  1. Not all forward momentum has to be inspired by happy-sunshiney emotions.  Productive anger and frustration can work – like when you look in the mirror and you’re just over your whole self-pity b.s. or tired of the same old thing.  Whatever thought gets you angry enough to take action, then take the action that fixes the problem you’re angry about.
  2. Alternatively, focus on the parts of your pursuit that you enjoy, and how much you get to do now because of how far you’ve come.  Maybe it’s a favorite workout, or a surprisingly healthy food that you love.  Maybe it’s the people you work out with.  Whatever it is, there’s something you look forward to about this whole project, or you wouldn’t be doing it.  Remember it and keep it in the front of your mind.
  3. Reframe the conversation.  Especially when it comes to the roadblocks and circumstances that you encounter as you get closer to your goal.  If your goal is sufficiently challenging, you’re gonna see a lot of these.  If you can flip these into opportunities to push yourself harder, or into games to test yourself, then say goodbye to another barrier.

Go ahead and try it – I guarantee you’ll like it a lot more than beating yourself up over things you can’t control.  Your attitude, thoughts and actions are all you really need to control anyway.

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