Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Posted By Xin-min Lai on May 24, 2016 in health and lifestyle

This one is a little different.  I am a tech-head by nature and profession, and in the realm of fitness that means apps and my new toy – the Fitbit.  

The beauty of technology now – smartphones, mobile apps, wearable trackers and wireless everything – is that all of it integrates with each other and you can log and track and share it all.

The picture here is the data my Fitbit (the Charge HR to be exact) tracked during my workout, with the class information (name of the class and the gym) that Fitbit got from my gym’s management system.  Fitbit gets class data from the management system, the activity data gets sent back to the gym’s mobile app, which I then can pull up and share on Facebook.  The Fitbit is also talking to my meal tracking app (MyFitnessPal) so my little toy knows how many calories I’ve eaten.

When it comes to reaching a fitness goal, one good way to do that is to track your progress and keep your goals and requirements front and center.  Mine are on my wrist, on my phone, on my laptop.  They talk to each other and enhance each other, giving me a more complete view of my health and progress.  If I want to share what I’ve done, add that extra layer of visibility, all of these apps and toys integrate with the various social media platforms so I can quickly share what I’ve done, and hopefully with people seeing what I’m getting up to they may want to join in the party.

I’m all about the integration and teamwork.

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