But I’m In Plateau!

Posted By Xin-min Lai on Jun 7, 2016 in health and lifestyle

Sometimes, maybe many times, you end up at a point in your weight loss (or other physical progress) where you can’t seem to move past it.  You’re not at your goal, but you seem to be stuck. What now?

As my trainer says, your body works to reach equilibrium.  So when it comes to physical training, it means your body adapts to the training you give it – building tissue it needs or tearing down what it doesn’t.  So as hard as you’re working, your body is making things happen so you can work better and more efficiently.

That means, as long as your training stays the same, soon your body gets comfortable.  You know how people say you need to get out of your comfort zone to progress?  Well in this case, even if your workouts still leave you tired and sore and feeling like you did good, your body is in its comfort zone.

Break your body out of its comfort zone, and it’ll start working to adapt to its new training.  It’ll reach for that new equilibrium.  Your new training has to be consistent enough to push your body into accepting that this is its new reality, and it better get with the program.  Whether you’re kicking up the intensity, frequency or duration, or you’re introducing a new type of exercise, or you’re changing your diet, those significant changes will tell your body this isn’t the same old thing you got used to.

Yes, your body will always fight for equilibrium, but progress is about dynamic equilibrium – keeping the balance point moving.

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