Find Your Strength

Posted By Xin-min Lai on Mar 19, 2016 in body relationship, exercise

“I can’t do that!”

“Well it’s EASY for him!”

You spend enough time around a gym, you end up hearing pretty much every reason that someone can’t or won’t try an exercise, or isn’t losing weight, or whatever goal is looking unreachable to them.  In my opinion, that’s focusing in the wrong direction.

There are as many body types as there are people, each with its own blend of strengths and weaknesses.  A good personal trainer (and I’ve worked with the best) can make the most of your strengths and help you use them to get to your goal.

What is a strength, though?  I believe it can be anything from a preference for a type of exercise (I loves me some wrestling class, and bench presses), to actually having an easier time doing something.  For me, I’m pretty strong, so most lifting is a little easier (and more fun) than for some other people.  On the other hand, I’m as uncoordinated as a baby giraffe with three left feet.  Not exactly coordinated.  Agility is… an issue.

What does this mean?  It means when my lack of progress gets me down in one area, I just go to my happy place.  Many workouts have a little something for everyone.  In the same bootcamp, the first 15 minutes may be ladder drills, the next 15 may be barbell exercises.

This knowledge – that at some point I will get to do something that I’m actually good at or that I enjoy, and that even working through the hard stuff makes the easy stuff even better – this is what keeps me actually working, whether it’s my favorite or not.  I’m no fan of running (we have a mutually accepted hatred), but I do like the benefits to my cardiovascular endurance.  That endurance means I can push harder for longer in the stuff I do enjoy.

I can pretty much guarantee that no matter what balance of weakness and strength you have, someone near you is watching you work and thinking, “well SHE makes that look easy”.


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