Do women who use their bodies love them more?

Posted By Xin-min Lai on Apr 19, 2016 in body relationship, health and lifestyle

Ever since I started exercising (maybe even as a kid doing PE), I have enjoyed doing stuff. Being strong, trying new things. Mostly since I started training in either martial arts or with a trainer, I enjoy seeing what my body is capable of. I’m (obviously) no bikini model, but I wouldn’t trade the stuff I can do just to beĀ one.

Athletes have the bodies for their sports. Not all of them are skinny or lean. But even the female athletes don’t seem overly concerned with “imperfections”. Is it because their bodies serve a purpose beyond the average needs? Is it the constant psychological boost from exercise? Maybe it’s just from knowing they’re badass.

Whatever the case, maybe we should introduce more women to the feeling of training FOR something, instead of just because they think they need to for some other, less fun reason.

Cuz let’s face it. Training to do badass stuff is fun.

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